Suburban life gets wild

Only four days in and I’ve missed my deadline. I am sorry, but I do have a good reason: I overslept. If you were wondering why I’m no longer traditionally employed, you can stop now.

Anyway, I took my shiny lip-balmed eyebrows to Sainsbury’s and bought…

Eyebrows, dog-walkers and thrills

On Saturday, I went to my best friend Zara’s house for a barbecue. Can you believe that? A friend’s house. For a barbecue. She gave us loads of food and wine and blew my mind with a beauty hack so genius, I’m almost scared to commit it to paper.


Aligning my passion with my finances was harder than I imagined

I began writing the first time I picked up a pen. Outside of school hours I would scribble in diaries and notebooks, creating stories and spilling my feelings, imagining other worlds and documenting my own on pink paper gifted to me by family members every Christmas.

When I grew up…

Mary Hargreaves

Author writing about writing and all things Italy.

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